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A truly unique experience only found in Sheffield......

We took inspiration for our City to Sky experience from time spent in Canada. The Sea to Sky is an incredibly scenic road that runs along the coastal line from Vancouver to Whistler. We enjoyed the trip so much, we’ve brought the experience home to Sheffield – affectionately known as the Outdoor City – and thrown in some electric-assisted bikes for good measure.

Our guided City to Sky experience takes you on a journey from Sheffield’s city centre parks, along woodland tracks, through the amazing moorland scenery that makes the Peak District so special and up to the famous gritstone escarpment Stanage Edge. There’s next to no riding on roads.

The City to Sky ride is done on top-of-the-range electric-assisted bikes (e-bikes), and includes 45 minutes of familiarisation with the e-bikes before we go anywhere.

Once everyone is confident on their e-bike, we set off along a route that showcases the city centre’s beautyand you’ll be amazed by how quickly and easily the urban landscape gives way to woods and moorland. We’ll soon arriveat the stunning outcrop of Burbage Rocks, 1500 feet above sea level. That sort of elevation gain over 15km may sound challenging, but the e-bikes take the strain so you can save your energy to take in the views and fall in love with our Outdoor City.

There’s time to take photos and explore the rocks while we load the bikes onto a bike trailer, before taking you to one of the local Peak District public houses for some food and drink. Then we drive you back to the city centre in our courtesy bus.

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