E-Bike Guiding and Experiences

E-Bike Guiding & Adventures

It’s not cheating… even the pro’s are using them!

Over the past four years we’ve seen a massive change in the attitude towards e-bikes and people now are recognising their purpose and as their own individual discipline. We’ve seen a lot of ‘nay-sayers’ now fully embrace them, now they see them for what they are… FUN!……… Isn’t that they idea behind any sport? 

These are perfect for individuals or groups wanting to explore the Peak District as you can travel much further, see more and experience a whole new adventure.

Bring your own suitable e-bike or hire one of our own amazing high end full suspension e-bikes.

There are many benefits to e-bikes and they’ve very much deserved their place as a cycling discipline.

All our packages are graded and tailored to suit all abilities.

Day adventures

A day out

Our guided adventures are for everyone, we have routes for all ability levels from beginner to advanced. All our routes can be customised dependant on the weather and rider ability but they have all been tested to ensure you get the very best day out and sample some of the best riding in the UK. 

Weekend adventures

A full weekend of riding with accommodation

Our guided adventures allow groups of riders to enjoy some of the best trails the Peak District has to offer, over 2 days. We arrange the accommodation, e-bike hire and the routes.

You simply turn up and enjoy. 

Regardless of your ability or experience all our rides involve familiarisation and brushing up on e-bike specific techniques prior to the ride, all designed around getting the most from an e-bike and understanding the different riding styles required to get the most fun from these amazing bikes..


our ride grading system





All our adventures are graded so you know before you book exactly what the route is going to ask of you!

Using a combination of the philosophy used in UK climbing grading, which recognises both how techincal the climb is and ski and trail grading that acknowledges difficulty by colour, our route grading is designed to give you an idea of the skill level and fitness level required to book onto the chosen adventure.

In order to make sure beginners aren’t overwhelmed or put in dangerous situations, and to make sure more experienced riders get the challenge they expect we’ve introduced the grading system, It might seem a little overkill but we want to ensure all riders on the day get to ride with shredders of similar experience and skill.


You can click on the grading icons at anytime to see how that experience or adventure is graded.


These are just a small number of routes just to wet your appetite! 


If you want to discuss a bespoke route or you have somewhere specific in mind, just give us call or drop us a line.



Hartington Circular

From £115 per person


Starting on the High Peak Trail, this relaxed chilled out tour will take you across some of the nicest White Peak scenery with gentle rolling hills. This route is split into thirds, nice steady cycleways mixed with easy going tracks and lanes.

Its graded green as its an easy and flat route that’s aimed at novice/beginners.  We’ll pass on our skills to help you improve your technique and confidence as the day goes on.

Stopping mid-way for lunch/refreshments in the quaint little village of Hartington.  Enjoy the peace and quiet and enjoy a coffee by the duck pond, or visit the Hartington Creamery famous for its Dovedale Cheeses.

Chatsworth Circular

From £115.00 per person


A perfect introduction to longer routes for those looking for something a little more challenging.  With varied terrain, from single track to open farmland and lots of ups and downs.  Passing through some fantastic little villages in the heart of the White Peak, you can pick your own highlight, but ours is definitely the deer on the farmland of Chatsworth Estate with the Dukes and Duchess of Devonshires humble abode in the back ground.  A really fun and scenic ride with some added mountain biking 

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Manifold Valley Tour

From £115.00 per person


Starting at Hartington Youth Hostel this relaxed chilled out tour across some of the nicest White Peak scenery you’ll come across, the stunning limestone gorges of the Manifold Valley and Thors Cave. This route is split into thirds, nice single track mixed with easy going tracks and lanes combined with paved cycle routes.

Its graded blue/red as it does have a few sections of technical riding so its not a beginner route but the sections are walkable if you do wish to attempt this route.

We’ll pass on our skills to help you improve your technique and confidence as the day goes on.

We pass some great villages with cafes, pubs and tea rooms so this is a great route for a mixed day out.

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From £115.00 per person


This classic route as the name suggests is located around Hope Valley in the heart of the Peak District. This route has some of the most varied and exciting terrain that will also provide some spectacular views over the summit ridge of Mam Tor and view point from Hollins Cross before dropping down into Ladybower on some fast flowing descents.

This is one of the ‘To Do’ routes if you haven’t ridden in the Peaks. You’ll be in for a great day out on the bike.




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Dark Peak Tour

From £115 per person


Covering some of best of the uplands in the Dark Peak this is a good day out and pretty much covers every type of terrain you can expect from the Peaks.  With technical climbs and descents, rooty and rocky trails with drop off’s.  Taking in some of the classic descents like Kinder/Jacobs ladder,  you’ll want for nothing – or than maybe an new set of legs or another battery! 

Peak Enduro Epic e-MTB - dates coming soon

From £150.00 per person Full Day


This is a tough challenge even on an e-bike, you’ll need your skills as well as your fitness for this *50 mile route across the stunning Peak District.  This is something unique to True North, as we provide double batterys to complete this loop in the day.

The routes take in all the classic Peaks descents, extremely challenging climbs mixed with stunning scenery and remote locations go to ensuring you’ll remember this experience for quite a long time. We have a number of route variations which consist of a figure of 8 loop, which at the half way distance we drop down for lunch at a local pub or cafe for some much deserved refreshments – and a battery swop.

This is a good one if your training for a long distance race or challenge event or you just fancy testing yourself and having an amazing day out that you will remember for a long time.


weekend adventures


£395 per person
including 2 nights bed and breakfast, 2 days guiding and ebike hire.


booking calendar

We try to make our bookings flexible, so if you see a date with your grading – get it booked!

If you have a specific date in mind but the grading doesn’t suit you, don’t panic.  Where you see a (F) next to the grading this means its flexible and we can change to suit when booking – so first come first served.  Where there’s no (F) the grading is fixed and you must be of this ability (at least) to join this group. 

All dates are currently shown as mixed groups, however should you wish to book a private group let us know and the numbers and we’ll book this off for you. 

Where weekends are shown as adventure weekends, these are only available to book as our weekend breaks.  Please refer to the section below for weekends if you are interested in booking onto these.  

Mountain Bike

Road & Gravel

Places to Stay

Contact us to discuss how we can help you…

Blue - Moderate

  • Intermediate cyclist/mountain bikers with basic off-road riding skills. 
  • As “Green plus specially constructed single track. Trail surface may include small obstables of roots and rock.
  • Most gradients are moderate but may include short steep sections. Includes small Technical Trail Features (TTFs)
  • A good standard of fitness can help.

Red - Difficult

  • Proficient mountain bikers with good off-road riding skills having ridden and comfortable in technical terrain.
  • Steeper and tougher, mostly singletrack with technical sections. Expect vary variable surface types.
  • A wide range of climbs and descents of a challenging nature will be present. Expect boardwalks, berms, large rocks, medium steps, drop-offs, cambers, water crossings.
  • Higher level of fitness and stamina

Black - Severe

  • Expert mountain bike users, used to physically demanding routes.
  • As “Red” but with an expectation of greater challenge and continuous difficulty. Can include any useable trail surface and may include exposed open hill sections.
  • Expect large, committing and unavoidable Technical Trail Features (TTFs). Sections will be challenging and variable. May also have “downhill” style sections.
  • Suitable for very active people used to prolonged effort.

Red/Blue - Mixture

  • Mainly aimed at Intermediate cyclist/mountain bikers with good off-road riding skills. 
  • Majority of gradients are moderate but may include short steep sections. Includes small Technical Trail Features (TTFs)
  • A good standard of fitness is required
  • There are some sections of terrain that is classified as Red Grade as described below – Guide will manage riders
  • Steeper and tougher  technical sections. Expect vary variable surface types.
  • A wide range of climbs and descents of a challenging nature will be present. Expect boardwalks, berms, large rocks, medium steps, drop-offs, cambers, water crossings. 

Mostly RED with a bit of BLACK




Technical and Fitness rating

There are so many amazing routes we have access to in the Peaks, so whether you are an individual or a group, we want to ensure the route is suitable for your fitness and technical ability.

We want to make sure everyone has an amazing time and experience and develops their confidence in a controlled way, and that all the group ride within their ability and comfort zone.

Each of our routes are assigned a technical and fitness grade so your able to assess if the adventure is right for you, it also allows us to plan the best route and ensure all riders are on a similar level when out riding together.

ONE Grade - TWO Components



The colours signify the technical diffculty of the route or adventure, just like a trail marker or ski piste.

If you are relatively new to the sport or looking to improve after a while out you should seek out GREEN and BLUE routes .

For intermediate and advanced riders after more challenging trails and routes then look for our RED or BLACK routes 



The bars signify the physical difficulty in climbing or distance, as we offer e-bike adventures the route will be as challenging technically but will be easier on a fitness level as you’ll be assisted.

1 Bar: Physically easy, generally flat routes with the potential for rolling terrain. Less than 500 meters climbing distance varies between 10-15km

2 Bars: A slight increase in difficulty than that of a 1 bar route, possibility of additional climbing with a duration between 1-2 hours

3 Bars: Much harder, a route graded with 3 bars will be good undertaking. Expect between 2-5 hours out on the bike depending on route and between 800-1500m of climbing

4 Bars:  The HARDEST routes we have in the Peaks. You’ll be climbing over 1500 meters and will be out between 4-8 hours depending on the route. 

Technical ratings


  • Able to ride a bike:
  • Ridden one in the past but it’s been a few years
  • can understand gear selection
  • Skills: Limited mountain biking skills


  • Time on mountain bike: Relatively new, but have had a few rides on a mountain bike
  • You have basic bike handling skills. You are comfortable on a mixture of double tracks and estate roads that may have variable ground conditions around 1m wide. Shallow gradients, some rocks and roots but nothing too severe.
  • Skills: You would be comfortable on a Blue trail centre route


  • Time on mountain bike: Riding 1-2 years
  • You have comfortably grasped basic bike handling skills on a mixture of single-track and paths, on uneven, loose and occasionally steep gradients, with some variation in trail surfaces from rocks to roots. You are comfortable negotiating narrower trails around half a metre wide that are mostly stable with some variability. You are comfortable traversing unavoidable obstacles such as roots, rocks and logs.
  • Skills: You would be comfortable on a red trail centre route


  • Time on mountain bike: Riding for 2 + years
  • You are a confident mountain biker and have been riding technical terrain for at least 2 years including exposed single-track and rough trails, on uneven, loose and frequent steep gradients, with frequent variation in trail surfaces from rocks to roots and small water bars. You are comfortable riding on narrow trails around a foot wide that vary greatly in their stability and may be unpredictable including loose rock. You are comfortable regularly traversing unavoidable obstacles such as roots, rocks, logs and drop offs up to hub height.
  • Skills: You would be comfortable on a black trail centre route