Here at True North Cycle Hub we’d like to think our years of riding and racing experience alongside our qualified cytech qualified technicians can help you with a more individual and specialist repair service. Not only can we service your bike professionally and quickly, give you first-hand advice but we also offer a variety of specialist options, including custom wheel building, custom frame and bike building, fork and shock servicing, and professional advice on set up and positioning.

Our services are kept simple and we aren’t trying to overcomplicate them – basic (check and tune), standard or full.

Use the contact form or give us a call if you prefer. We only use the highest quality parts and accessories, sealed cable kits and die drawn stainless cables as part of our service.

We also appreciate dropping off and picking bikes up can’t always be done during a 9-5 basis, so if you need to drop your bike in earlier or later just let us know and we can meet you at the hub a at a convenient time.

Service Plans



  • Index gears and ensure smooth shifting.
  • Identify any cables in need of replacement.

  • Check alignment, lever operation, pad wear and
  • Check pads and advise as necessary

  • Check chain for wear, stretch and appropriate
    chain length

  • Regrease pedal axle
  • Check for excessive wear

Safety Check
  • Inspection of the frame and components looking
    for signs of excessive wear and potentially
    dangerous condition
  • Ensure all bolts are fastened at correct torque
  • Check tyre condition
  • Check wheel true



Includes basic Service Plus

  • Check headset and adjust if required

  • Ensure hubs are adjusted correctly
    and running smooth

  • Clean and degrease, entire drivetrain
  • Check derailleur alignment
  • Bottom Bracket bearing check



Includes Standard Service Plus

*Prices exclude the cost of new parts unless stated

Full bike strip down
  • Strip all parts down to frame and fork
  • Check surfaces and threads for wear and damage
  • Clean and degrease all parts
  • Replace inner and outer gear cables*
  • Brakes Bled or cables replaced*
  • Hubs stripped down and serviced*
  • Bottom Bracket Serviced*

  • Check wheel trueness, true and re-tension

  • Rebuild, regrease and lubricate

Suspension Service

We believe its best to stick to what you are good at, so we like to leave suspension to Rick at Slick and Slide as he is one of the best. He looks after all our own race bike suspension servicing and he has invested in every single specialist tool you need to do the job properly. As suspension servicing is evolving and ever increasingly complicated, Slick and Slide are an authorised Cane Creek and Fox service centre independently owned that provides servicing for mountain bike forks and rear shocks from manufacturers such as Rock Shox and Fox Racing.

We are really lucky to be partnered with Slick and Slide and can only offer suspension service with one of own service plans.

slick and slide square logo

Itemised Repairs Price List

In addition to our workshop services we carry out a large number of repairs to all bikes. We have itemised all repairs so you have an understanding of our pricing.

Our repair prices do not include replacement parts except where otherwise stated.

If you do buy your parts from us and also get us to fit them for you we offer a 10% discount off the parts RRP price and a further 10% off the repair price.

Fault find and provide diagnostic report for motor and battery (Bosch, Yamaha Shimano) including firmware update and error code removal£60.00
Update Firmware and Software (Bosch, Yamaha & Shimano)£20.00
Remove and replace motor*£60.00
Adjust battery location points£20.00
Battery capacity Test£25.00
Install integrated lights*£35.00
Bosch Purion Upgrade£99.00
Bosch Nyon Upgrade£375.00
Gear indexing adjustment£10.00
Replace gear cable inner£10.00
Gear inner and outer cable£15.00
Gear shifter fit£12.50
Re-wrap road bar tape£15.00
Replace chainsetfrom £10.00
Replace chain ringsfrom £10.00
Chain fit£10.00
Cassette/freewheel fit£15.00
Mech fit (includes new cable and set up)£25.00
Gear Hanger alignment and gear set up (where possible)£18.00
Fit new rear mech hanger and index gears£15.00
DI2 firmware updates (all components)£20.00
DI2 diagnostics & troubleshootinginc updates£40.00
DI2 installation.POA
Fit new disc brake (hydraulic)£18.00
Fit new disc brake (cable)£15.00
Replace disc brake pads (front or rear only)£6.00
Replace disc brake pads (full bike)£10.00
Clean / recondition disc rotor (per brake)£5.00
Bleed disc brake – inc fluid£15.00
Shorten existing disc brake hose – Includes brake bleed/olive/insert£20.00
Replace disc brake hose – Includes brake bleed£25.00
Replace disc brake lever – Includes brake bleed£20.00
Replace disc brake caliper – Includes brake bleed£20.00
Replace disc rotor£7.50
Fit new road / cross bike cable disc brake£20.00
Adjust cable brake (front or rear only)£6.00
Adjust cable brake (front and rear)£10.00
Replace brake blocks and adjust brakes (front or rear only)£8.00
Replace brake blocks and adjust brakes (front and rear)£15.00
Replace brake cable inner (front or rear only)£5.00
Replace brake cable inners (full bike)£8.00
Replace brake cable inner and outer (front or rear only)£10.00
Replace brake cable inners and outers (full bike)£18.00
Fit new MTB / Hybrid cable brake (V Brake or canti)£12.50
Fit new MTB / Hybrid cable brake (disc)£15.00
Fit new road bike caliper or cross bike canti brake£15.00
Fit new road / cross bike brake lever and rewrap bar tape£25.00
Fit front tyre and/or tube replacement£5.00
Fit rear tyre and/or tube replacement£7.00
Tubeless tyre conversion – including tape, valve and sealant (dependant on rim & tyre) per wheel.£30.00
Puncture repair including tyre removal and refitting£10.00
Front wheel build *£30.00
Rear wheel build *£35.00
True wheel (front or rear)£10.00
Replace spoke during trueing – per spoke£1.50
Rim replacement on existing wheel *£35.00
Hub replacement on existing wheel *£40.00
Tyre removal and refitting for wheel true *£5.00
Cassette removal and refitting for wheel true *£5.00
Install tyre protection inserts£7.50
Ball bearing clean and new grease (front) *£12.00
Ball bearing clean and new grease (rear) *£16.00
Hub cartridge bearing replacement *from £18.00
Adjust hub bearing cones (front or rear)£5.00
Freehub body replacement£12.00
Freehub body service (includes rear bearing clean) *£18.00
Adjust headset£5.00
Fit new headset (onto bare frame)£12.50
Remove old headset, fit new, and re-install forks *£25.00
Replace headset bearings (loose or caged bearings) *£15.00
Replace headset bearings (cartridge type) *£12.50
Fit ‘star fangled’ headset nut£5.00
Fit replacement flat handlebars and reinstall brake levers and shifters.£8.50
Fit replacement road / drop handlebars and reinstall tape and brake and shift levers.£18.00
Fit replacement or reinstall handlebar grips£4.00
Fit replacement or reinstall handlebar tape£10.00
Fit replacement stem£5.00
New frame (parts swapped over from existing bike) *from £80.00
Custom bike build (New parts built up to your spec) *from £70.00
New bike – ‘Out of the box’ bike assembly *£30.00
New bike – Set up and safety check *£20.00
Bike disassembly and packing for courier or travel *£20.00
Fit new forks *£25.00
Suspension fork removal and refit for servicing *£10.00
Frame pivot bearing replacement *from £40.00
Clean/re-tap bottom bracket threads *£20.00
Face bottom bracket shell *£15.00
Re-tap existing threads (bottle bosses etc.)*from £5.00
Straighten rear mech hanger (where possible) *£10.00
Check and adjust dropout alignment (where possible) *£15.00
Pedal fitting and/or removalfrom £5.00
Pedal cleat fitting£10.00
Pedal cleat removal (seized bolts)from £20.00
Pedal servicing & bearing replacementsfrom £20.00
Fit pannier rack£8.00
Fit pannier bagsfrom £5.00
Fit lights (front and/or rear)£5.00
Fit and set up cycle computerfrom £10.00
Fit replacement saddle/seatpost£6.50

Important Info

To ensure we can turn your bike around as quickly as possible we ask that your bike is brought to us in a reasonably clean condition, bikes that are overly dirty will need to be cleaned at an additional charge of £10.

Our workshop is incredibly busy and we need our storage space in order to continue to be able to offer great service. Bikes will be stored for 7 days free of charge after completion. Any additional time in storage will incur a charge of £10/day.

When new parts are needed to complete a job or service we’ll agree the cost with you before we carry out the work. Also please bear in mind that bikes are complex machines, some jobs may cost a little more depending on configuration and specification. We’ll let you know in advance if that’s the case.

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